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Can the city attorney advise citizens in legal matters?

No. The city attorney advises the mayor and City Council, city manager, and department heads in legal matters. The city attorney cannot provide legal advice to private citizens.

However, the following organizations in Solano County may be helpful to citizens in seeking legal representation and/or answers to general legal questions:

  • The Lawyer in the Library service is located in the John F. Kennedy Library at 505 Santa Clara Street in Vallejo, California. Local attorneys will offer free legal advice and referral the first and third Thursdays of each month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Lawyers will meet with patrons for a maximum of 20 minutes in a private setting in the library. Practical advice about a legal problem often leads to a solution. If further help is needed, patrons will be referred to the appropriate library resource, agency, or attorney. For more information, please call (707) 553-5568.
  • Solano County Lawyer Referral Service is available by calling (707) 422-0127.
  • Solano County Legal Services of Northern California is available by calling (707) 643-0054.
A business in Dixon has defaulted in performing a requested and paid-for service, and/or left town. What can I do?

A citizen can take action by calling:

  • Better Business Bureau, a 24-hour service - (510) 238-1000
  • District Attorney's Fraud Division - (707) 421-6859
  • District Attorney's Office, general information - (707) 421-6800

If the amount in question is $5,000 or less, a small claims action may be appropriate. Contact the Small Claims Court Advisor by calling (707) 421-7478.

How do I read or get a copy of a particular Dixon City Code or Municipal Code?

A set of the Dixon City and Municipal Code Books are in the Dixon Library and may be viewed or copied there. You may also get a copy of a particular code from the City Clerk by calling (707) 678-7000. You may also reference the Municipal Code online Dixon Municipal Code

If I have a complaint about someone violating a Dixon ordinance, how is that enforced?

Usually complaints of violation are enforced by the City’s Code enforcement technician. You may contact the code enforcement technician by calling (707) 678-7060.

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