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City Treasurer


  • The City Council, the City Treasurer and the Finance & Information Technology Director may agree to jointly use the services of a single depository for the deposit of Treasurer's Funds and Unrestricted Funds. In the absence of such agreement, the City Treasurer has the statutory authority to select the depository or depositories used by the City of Dixon for the Treasurer's Funds and Unrestricted Funds (City of Dixon Ordinance 99-003, Section 28.2.4 (d)).
  • The City Treasurer and the City Finance & Technology Director may, by prior agreement, jointly prepare and submit to the City Manager and the City Council the quarterly report(s) on deposited and invested funds of the City that are required by Subsection (b) of Section 53646 of the Government Code and the monthly reports that are required to be prepared by the City Treasurer under the provisions of Section 41004 of the Government Code (City of Dixon Ordinance 99-003, Section 28.3.2).
  • The City Treasurer, the City Finance & Technology Director, the City Manager and a City Council member shall be members of the City's Investment Oversight Committee (City of Dixon Ordinance number 99-003, Section 28.3.3).

The current City Treasurer is James P. Ward Jr.