Maintaining Dixon’s Local Control, Safety, and Roads A Community Conversation
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What is the purpose of Maintaining Dixon’s Local Control, Safety, and Roads community conversation?

To continue to ensure responsive and accountable planning, the City is engaging residents around their priorities. You have a voice in Dixon, and we want to hear it! We want to hear from as many residents as possible about their perspectives and priorities for maintaining critical safety and quality of life services amid millions in state takeaways and unfunded mandates. You can provide your feedback here.

State mandates and local control – what is the issue?

In the last 10 years alone, Dixon has lost millions due to Sacramento’s burdensome regulations. We need local control to address our own community's concerns and service priorities, not be forced to do what Sacramento politicians tell us to do. Community feedback is critical to prioritizing our residents needs amid unfunded state mandates and regulations.

What about public safety?

Public safety is always our top priority. We need to maintain a high-level of police services, including 911 emergency response, neighborhood patrols, anti-drug and anti-gang programs, and crime prevention and investigation. Tell us your priorities for public safety and other local services here

What about addressing roads?

Unfortunately, 145 miles of roads that Dixon maintains are rated as only “fair” by independent experts. We need to bring streets that are in disrepair up to standards and maintain regular street maintenance and pothole repair to keep our streets safe and improve quality of life.  

How is fire safety impacted?

As fire danger and drought become more severe, our local firefighters must have access to local, reliable and adequate water supplies to protect lives and property. We need to prepare for increased fire threats and ensure our firefighters have the equipment and staffing they need for any emergency. 

How can I provide my feedback?

The City is committed to a responsible solution for addressing the community's needs and priorities. Please provide YOUR feedback today.