Energy Conservation

2012 Photovoltaic (Solar) Project

The City of Dixon has partnered with First Northern Bank and Belvedere Equipment Finance Corporation to install five independently interconnected (grid-tied) solar photovoltaic (PV) systems located across four municipal properties:

  • City Hall, 600 East A Street (79.36 KW-DC)
  • Fire Department, 205 Ford Way (87.04 KW-DC)
  • Police Department, 201 West A Street (130.56 KW-DC)
  • Hall Park: Pat Granucci Aquatic Center/Senior Center/Irrigation Pump (84.48KW-DC)

The Dixon City Council awarded the Project to Real Goods Solar, Inc. in October 2011. In total, the projects utilize 1192 Sunpower SPR-320E modules. The modules were installed on customized engineered shade structures specifically designed by Real Goods Solar, Inc. to meet the unique spatial constraints found at each respective property. There are a total of nine (9) structures spread throughout Dixon. The solar structures at each location, with the exception of Hall Park, interconnect to the utility at a single main service. The Hall Park array is a single PV shade structure that is connected to two separate main services; one located at the Aquatic Center's main building and one at the adjacent Dixon Senior/Multi-Use Center. The solar panels began providing energy to the City's facilities in August 2012 and have a useful life of 25 or more years. The project is projected to save the City more than $1.1 million over the next 25 years.

See a real-time chart of the energy being generated by this project.

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