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Administrative Services
How do I obtain a City of Dixon Business License?

1. You may come to City Hall in person to pick up a form at 600 East A Street, Dixon CA 95620
2. You may call Dixon City Hall at (707) 678-7000 to have the forms faxed to you.
3. You may print the Business License form which is located on the Finance Business License Page.

Who do I contact for questions about my utility bill or to start/stop service?

For questions regarding your utility bill, or to start/stop service, please contact the Utility Department at 707-678-7000 extension 118.

Where do I pay my sewer bill?

City of Dixon 600 East A Street, Dixon.

Where do I pay my water bill?

Dixon Solano Water Authority, City of Dixon 600 East A Street or call (707) 678-7004 ext. 118 OR

Californian Water Service 201 South First Street or call (707) 678-5928

Animals and Pets
Where do I get a dog license?

You can register your dog for a dog license at City Hall, 600 East A Street, Dixon, CA 95620. The following documents are required: rabies vaccination certificate or Solano County renewal notice if rabies are still current, and spay/neuter certificate if applicable. Dog licenses will be mailed to you from PetData after registration. If you have any questions, please call 877-242-8408 or visit Pet Data.

Who do I call if I see a deceased or stray animal?

If you see a deceased or stray animal, please call Humane Animal Services at 707-449-1700.

Where do I get a building permit?

Building permits can be obtained at City Hall, 600 East A Street, Dixon, CA 95620. Counter hours for the building department are from 9:00 am-4:00 pm.

City Attorney
Can the city attorney advise citizens in legal matters?

No. The city attorney advises the mayor and City Council, city manager, and department heads in legal matters. The city attorney cannot provide legal advice to private citizens.

However, the following organizations in Solano County may be helpful to citizens in seeking legal representation and/or answers to general legal questions:

  • The Lawyer in the Library service is located in the John F. Kennedy Library at 505 Santa Clara Street in Vallejo, California. Local attorneys will offer free legal advice and referral the first and third Thursdays of each month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Lawyers will meet with patrons for a maximum of 20 minutes in a private setting in the library. Practical advice about a legal problem often leads to a solution. If further help is needed, patrons will be referred to the appropriate library resource, agency, or attorney. For more information, please call (707) 553-5568.
  • Solano County Lawyer Referral Service is available by calling (707) 422-0127.
  • Solano County Legal Services of Northern California is available by calling (707) 643-0054.
A business in Dixon has defaulted in performing a requested and paid-for service, and/or left town. What can I do?

A citizen can take action by calling:

  • Better Business Bureau, a 24-hour service - (510) 238-1000
  • District Attorney's Fraud Division - (707) 421-6859
  • District Attorney's Office, general information - (707) 421-6800

If the amount in question is $5,000 or less, a small claims action may be appropriate. Contact the Small Claims Court Advisor by calling (707) 421-7478.

How do I read or get a copy of a particular Dixon City Code or Municipal Code?

A set of the Dixon City and Municipal Code Books are in the Dixon Library and may be viewed or copied there. You may also get a copy of a particular code from the City Clerk by calling (707) 678-7000. You may also reference the Municipal Code online Dixon Municipal Code

If I have a complaint about someone violating a Dixon ordinance, how is that enforced?

Usually complaints of violation are enforced by the City’s Code enforcement technician. You may contact the code enforcement technician by calling (707) 678-7060.

Curbside Recycling
What material can be put in the recycling container?

The following materials can be put in your recycling container:

  • #1 - #7 narrow-neck plastic bottles and jugs
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Junk mail and chipboard
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Tin and aluminum cans
Where do I take my recycled items? ie: glass, aluminum, cardboard?

Recology Dixon Recycling Center 302 North First Street, Call for recycling hours at (707) 678-4026.

Where do I take my hazardous waste? ie: old paint, old tires, oil cans, electronics?

Used motor oil, latex paint, batteries, and antifreeze are accepted at the Recology Dixon Recycling Center 302 North First Street,on Saturdays, 9AM-3PM. Other forms of household hazardous waste are accepted at the Recology Vacaville Center on Saturdays, 9AM-3PM. Call (707) 678-4026 for details.

Can I recycle used motor oil and filters in my curbside recycling container?

Not at this time. Used motor oil and filters should be taken to a recycling center such as the Recology Dixon facility at the corner of SR 113 and East C Street. For other locations see http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/UsedOil/Reports/CenterSearch/Default.aspx?lang=en-US.

Who do I contact for questions regarding N. First Street Assessments?

Please contact the Engineering Department at 707-678-7030 for questions regarding N. First Street Assessment District improvements. For a payoff estimate, please call 800-676-7516. Have your assessor's parcel number ready (can be found on your property tax bill).

Where do I get an encroachment permit?

Submit completed forms to the Engineering department at 171 South Fifth Street, Dixon, CA 95620. Please call 707-678-7030 for any questions.

Where do I get a grading permit?

Submit forms to the Engineering Department at 171 South Fifth Street, Dixon, CA 95620. Please call 707-678-7030 for any questions.

Who do I call if a lighted crosswalk is not working?

Please contact the Public Works Department at 707-678-7051 x 103 to report a malfunctioning crosswalk.

Who do I contact about traffic counts?

For questions regarding traffic counts, please contact the Engineering department at 707-678-7030.

Who do I contact when construction is on a public right-of-way? ie: sidewalk, streets

Please contact the Engineering Department at 171 South Fifth Street, or call (707) 678-7030.

Who do I call if the Railroad arm/signal on a railroad crossing is malfunctioning?

Please call Solano County Dispatch at (707) 678-7080 so that the problem can be reported to the Union Pacific Railroad and police dispatched for traffic control. General, non-emergency, questions regarding railroad issues can be directed to the Engineering Department at 707-678-7030.

How do I get an Encroachment Permit for an oversized load on the City Streets?

See forms at Engineering Permits. If you have questions please contact the Engineering Department at 171 South Fifth Street or call (707) 678-7030.

How do I report a traffic signal that is not working?

Please call the Engineering Department at (707) 678-7030 OR

Solano County Dispatch at (707) 678-7080

Who do I call for a fire or medical emergency?

Always call 911 in the event of an emergency. Based on duties and existing calls, phone calls directly to the Dixon Fire Department may or may not be answered. Our 911 communication center has the means to effectively dispatch help to rapidly assist the person in need.

Where do I get a burn permit?

Burn permits can be obtained in person from the Dixon Fire Department at 205 Ford Way, Dixon, CA 95620. The cost is $25.00 payable by cash or check made out to the City of Dixon. Visit the Fire Department website to view information regarding residential burning.

Can I have a warming /cooking fire in my yard?

Warming and cooking fires are legal with the following conditions;

  1. They are in an approved container.
  2. The material being burned is “fire wood”. Not construction material (sawn wood, pallets), yard waste or garbage.
  3. The smoke generated is not “offensive” to neighbors(*)
  4. An extinguishing method (serviced portable fire extinguisher/garden hose) is readily accessible.
  5. The fire is being supervised/monitored by a “responsible” adult at all times.

Other precautions that should be considered are proximity to a structure, combustible furniture and vegetation, propane cylinders and any other ignitable item.

Consider notifying your neighbors of your intent to have a fire. This will help limit the reporting of a fire and the resulting response from the fire department.

*The fire department has the authority to extinguish any fire that, in their opinion, is offensive, not being supervised or is a threat to any exposure.

What are the ISO ratings for the City of Dixon and the surrounding district?

The ISO rating within the city limits is 5, and the rating within the district is 8B

How do I obtain a copy of a fire report?

Fire reports may be obtained at the fire department offices or by phone during normal business hours. Please note there may be up to a 10 day turn around time for fire reports.

What should I do if I see a chemical spill?

Stay clear of the spill and call 911 if it's an emergency situation.

Non-emergency situation, please call the Dixon Fire Department at 678-7060

Who do I contact to start or end water and sewer service?

For sewer and City water service contact 707-678-7000 x 1118. Note, Dixon has two water companies. If you have California Water Service, call 707-678-5928

What are the regulations regarding fence heights and setbacks?

Refer to the Dixon Municipal Code, Zoning Chapter, Screening at: www.codepublishing.com/CA/Dixon/ Section 18.33.050 or as amended. You may also contact City Planning staff at 707-678-7000.

How do I report graffiti?

If graffiti is on private property, please contact Solano County Dispatch at 707-678-7080. Patrol personnel is responsible for documenting the incident, collecting any evidence, taking photographs, and handling the investigative follow-up for any reports of graffiti.

Code Compliance is only responsible for the graffiti abatement process after the crime report is completed.

If graffiti is on City property, please contact the Public Works department at 707-678-7050 or 707-678-7000. Or try our online reporting center FixIn Dixon (see link in column to left).

Where do I pay my garbage bill?

Recology Dixon 235 North First St. Dixon or call (707) 678-4026

Recology Dixon e-pay

Who do I contact if there's a leak or a broken fire hydrant?

Please contact the City of Dixon at (707) 678-7030* OR
California Water Service at (707) 678-5928

*After hours please call Severn Trent Services (the City's contract operator) at (844) 856-8242.

Who do I contact after hours if I have a water leak?

Water service to properties within the City of Dixon (City) is provided by two entities. California Water Service Company owns and operates the older, downtown core area water system, you can contact them at (707)678-5928. As of August 11, 2014, the City of Dixon owns and operates the balance of the City limits.  Click here for a map showing the boundaries of the two entities (PDF).

The water service from the meter/box to the main is the City's maintenance responsibility. Contact at (707) 678-7030 for assistance with water related issues or emergencies during normal business hours or (707)366-5294 for after hours.

Who do I contact about Solano Irrigation District Assessments?

For questions regarding Solano Irrigation District (SID) Assessments, please contact SID directly at 707-448-6847.

How are CC&R's enforced? If I have a concern there may be a CC&R violation, what can I do?

CC&R's are enforced by another homeowner or owners within the same subdivision. "Contact the City to let us know your concern as there may be a City Code that is possibly being violated." Then we can notify the designated department which oversees a particular violation and assist in the enforcement.

Are Water Softeners legal in Dixon?

Brine (salt/potassium) discharging softeners are banned for residences within the City of Dixon. See Dixon Municipal Code Section 14.01.1100 at http://www.codepublishing.com/CA/Dixon/ or call 707-678-7030. For water softener alternatives see Water Softener Alternatives.

Human Resources
Where can I apply for employment?

For employment opportunities, please visit the Human Resources page.

Who do I contact for employment verification?

For employment verification, please contact the Human Resources or Payroll department at 707-678-7000.

What are the responsibilities of the Planning Division verses the Building Division?

The Planning Division is responsible for regulating the type, scale, and design of land use that may be established at a given location. The Municipal Code, together with the General Plan and the official zoning map, regulate land use for compatibility with surrounding uses. Development standards are included for density, height, yards and open space, parking requirements, landscaping, and irrigation, etc.

The Building Division is responsible for structural and life safety concerns in the construction, demolition, or alteration of buildings including, but not limited to, matters such as:

  • Access for the disabled
  • Electrical
  • Energy conservation
  • Mechanical systems
  • Plumbing
What is the Planning Commission?

The Planning Commission is comprised of seven citizen volunteers who are appointed by the City Council. The Planning Commission is a hearing body that makes decisions on matters relating to the development and use of land within the City of Dixon.

I received a public hearing notice in the mail. What does this mean?

A notice for a public hearing is a required notice sent by the city to property owners who are in the vicinity of a property, usually within 300 feet, where development or changes are proposed. Such notice invites public participation in the decision-making process.

If you received a public hearing notice in the mail, you may contact the Planning Division at (707) 678-7000 for more information on the specific project.

Who do I contact for flood zone information?

Please contact the Planning Department at 707-678-7000 for flood zone information.

Who do I contact about lot line adjustments?

For questions regarding lot line adjustments, please call the Planning department at 707-678-7000.

Who do I contact when there is building /construction on private property?

Please contact the Planning Department at 600 East A Street or call (707) 678-7000.

How do I get a General Plan or Zoning Map?

You may pick up both maps at Dixon City Hall 600 East A Street.

Where do I get a garage sale permit?

Garage sale permits can be obtained from the Police Department during regular business hours. The cost is $7.50.

Where do I call to report an abandoned vehicle on the street?

To report an abandoned vehicle on the street, please call the Police Department at 707-678-7080.

Where do I call to report an abandoned vehicle on private property?

To report an abandoned vehicle on private property, please contact the Police Department Code Compliance Division at 707-678-7070.

CP- How do I get a Report?

Call the Police Department

Where do I get a bike license? What is the cost?

Bike licenses can be obtained from the Police Department during regular business hours. The fee for a new license is $4.00 and is good for 2 years. To renew a license, it is $1.00 per year.

Public Works
Who do I call for help regarding street flooding or other public works problems after normal business hours?

Call the dispatch operator at 707-678-7080.

Who do I call to report a street light out or flickering?

Call the designated message line for street light repairs at 707-678-7031 x 5301. Leave the location and pole number in your message. Messages are reported to the City's street lighting contractor once each week. The streetlight should be repaired within two weeks. If a street light is knocked down or poses an immediate hazard, please contact Solano County dispatch at 707-678-7080.

Who do I contact to report a street that needs repair?

To report a street that needs repair, please contact the Public Works Department at 707-678-7051 x 4103.

Who do I call to find out about Street Sweeping?

Street sweeping is performed by the City's contractor, Recology Dixon. The schedule is available in the quarterly newsletter included in your Recology bill, on Recology's website at www.recologydixon.com or by calling Recology at (707) 678-4026. If you have a complaint regarding street sweeping service, please call 707-678-7051 x 4104.

Recreation - Activities
How do I sign up for a recreation activity?

You can register at City Hall or online http://activenet3.active.com/cityofdixon/

Who do I contact if I'm interested in teaching a class?

The Recreation & Community Services Department is always looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable people to teach recreation courses. Call Jean at 707-678-7022 if you're interested in sharing your interest, talent, or skill with others in the Dixon community.

Where do I get information regarding the Water Softener Incentive Removal Program or Water Softener Alternatives?

NOTICE: Softener Incentive Removal Program ended November 27, 2012.
For water softener alternatives, please visit the Water Softener Alternatives page. For more information call 707-678-7031 x 303.

What should I do if I see water coming out of the manhole in the street?

Call Solano County Dispatch at (707) 678-7080 if you are calling after hours or if you are unsure if the fluid is storm water or wastewater. If you are sure the fluid is wastewater and it is during business hours contact Public Works at (530) 682-6263.