Dixon Quality of Life & Essential City Services Measure D Frequently Asked Questions
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Dixon Quality of Life & Essential City Services Measure D Frequently Asked Questions
What is Dixon’s Quality of Life & Essential City Services Measure D?

The Dixon City Council placed Measure D on the November 8, 2022  ballot to address community priorities such as public safety, street repair, and emergency response with stable, locally controlled funding that cannot be taken by the state.

Why was Measure D placed on the ballot?

Dixon has lost millions over the years due to unfunded state mandates, and cumbersome regulations, impacting long term stability and services residents expect and deserve. Measure D would generate local funding to address the community’s essential service priorities. No Measure D funding could be taken by the state. 

Would Measure D impact fire prevention and emergency response?

As fire danger and drought become more severe, Measure D could help ensure Dixon is prepared for any disaster including equipping our firefighters with the equipment, staffing, and tools they need to protect and save lives and property.

How does Measure D affect public safety and law enforcement?

Public safety is always a top priority for the City and community. Measure D could maintain a high-level of police services, including rapid 911 emergency response, neighborhood patrols, anti-drug and anti-gang programs, and crime prevention and investigation.

What about Measure D and roads?

The City maintains many miles of roads, many of which are rated as only “fair” by independent experts. Measure D could address streets that are in disrepair to bring them up to standard and ensure regular street maintenance and pothole repair are performed to keep our streets safe and improve quality of life in a fiscally responsible manner before repairs and upgrades become more expensive to fix.  

What does Measure D cost?

Measure D is a one cent locally controlled sales tax that if enacted, generates local funding that cannot be taken by the state. The Measure is not a tax on homes or property, and is not applied to rent, utilities, food purchased as groceries, or prescription medicine. Visitors will also pay their fair share when they visit Dixon and use the services we all rely on.

Is Measure D fiscally accountable?

By law, Measure D requires strict accountability provisions, including independent citizen oversight with public disclosure of all spending, mandatory financial audits, and public reports to the community.

When is the election?

Tuesday, November 8, 2022. To check your registration or get registered to vote online, visit the Secretary of State’s website at registertovote.ca.gov/.

Where can I get more information about Measure D?

The City will continue to keep the community informed. If you have a specific question, please contact mgraf@cityofdixon.us. You can also see the Measure D Staff Report and adopted Measure D Resolution for more information.