Pond C Interpretive Walk: Please keep your dog on its leash!

Please keep your dog on its leash!

Off-leash dogs harm wildlife, even if they don’t catch anything. Some birds that live at Pond C (burrowing owls, killdeer, ducks, geese…) nest on the ground, not in trees. When these birds are scared off a nest, the eggs can get cold and fail to hatch. After hatching, chicks are still in danger since they remain flightless for several weeks.

Wildlife use tremendous amounts of energy when they are forced to repeatedly run or fly from off-leash dogs. They also have less time to look for food. This impacts both their health and their ability to raise chicks.

For these, and other reasons, dogs are required to be on-leash at all times at Pond C.

Help wildlife thrive by KEEPING YOUR DOG ON ITS LEASH!

Ground nesting birds like burrowing owls and kildeer are easily injured by off-leash dogs.