Pond C Interpretive Walk: Pollution Prevention

Here in the City of Dixon, water moving down gutters and storm drains flows first to Pond C (or one of the City’s other stormwater basins), then flows onward through the Delta waterways and finally ends up in the ocean.

This means that anything that stormwater carries along with it (like plastic bags, litter, dog waste, motor oil, antifreeze, or lawn chemicals) ends up in our natural environment - possibly polluting drinking water and harming wildlife.

You can help prevent stormwater pollution!

  • Don’t dump anything (except water) into gutters or storm drains
  • Keep cars properly tuned so that they don’t leak fluids onto the asphalt
  • Minimize use of lawn pesticides and fertilizers and adjust sprinklers so that they don’t overflow into the gutter
  • Clean cars at commercial car washes to keep soap out of our waterways
  • Pick up dog waste and litter before it washes down storm drains

Solano RCD’s Watershed Explorers program teaches schoolchildren about stormwater pollution prevention.
Community volunteers planted sedges and rushes in Pond C’s wetland basin and bioswale. These native plants help filter stormwater and keep it clean.