Water FAQ
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Water FAQ
What is the issue?

Drought and fire threats continue to grow across California. The State has and will continue to place expensive, cumbersome regulations on cities like Dixon to dictate how we address local water needs. Dixon must do its part to ensure that local control of our own local water services and needs are not negatively affected, and that we can maintain safe, clean and reliable water for local residents and businesses.  A properly maintained and functioning water system is necessary to meeting these needs, yet as independent analysis has shown, the City's aging water system is inadequate. 

How is the Dixon water system connected to community health?

The City must ensure the quality and reliability of our local water supply by maintaining 45 miles of main water pipes, pumps, and storage. The City’s five groundwater wells are constantly tested to ensure our water is clean and safe. We need to complete extensive upgrades to aging, 40-year-old water pipes and wells, and maintain the safety of the City’s water system.

How is the Dixon water system connected to community fire safety?

As fire danger and drought become more severe, our local firefighters must have access to local, reliable and adequate water supplies to protect lives and property. We need to upgrade our aging pipes, pumps, and wells to ensure water capacity is available in emergencies.

How can I provide my feedback?

The City is committed to a responsible solution for our water system needs. That’s why we want to hear from as many residents as possible about your priorities for a safe water system now and for future generations. Please provide us your feedback today by filling out this form.

Need more information?

For more information or if you have a specific question, please call Dixon’s Public Information Officer at (707) 678-7000 Ext. 1125 or email CleanWater@cityofdixon.us