Sidewalk & Street Repair Programs

City of Dixon Sidewalk & Street Repair Programs

Under § 5610 of the California Streets & Highways Code (PDF), a property owner is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk area (including trees placed on public property between the curb and the sidewalk) adjoining his or her property. As defined by the Streets & Highways Code, "sidewalk area" includes the sidewalk, as well as a parkway or parking strip maintained in the area between the property line and the street line and also includes curbing, bulkheads, retaining walls or other works for the protection of any sidewalk or of any such park or parking strip. Under California Streets & Highways Code § 5615 (PDF), if a property owner fails to maintain the sidewalk area, the City can perform the work and proceed to collect the cost from the property owner.

The City of Dixon has adopted a Sidewalk Repair Policy (PDF) to assist property owners with maintenance of sidewalks to reduce liability and provide accessible pathways throughout the City. This policy provides limited funding for two repair options: City-Funded Maintenance/Repair; and the Sidewalk Repair Reimbursement Program.

The City-Funded Maintenance/Repair program establishes a priority list of sidewalk repair requests on a first-come, first-served basis. As funding allows, Public Works maintenance staff will grind or replace damaged sidewalk based on the priority list. In addition, the City may retain contractors to complete larger projects funded through grants or other sources.

Under the Sidewalk Repair Reimbursement Program, the City will allocate funds using Gas Tax Funds which are used on a first-come, first-served basis within the limits authorized in the annual budget. Reimbursement will be limited to 50% of the project cost up to a maximum of $12.50 per square foot of sidewalk, up to $1,000 for tree assessment and removal, and $1,000 per ADA access ramp. The maximum reimbursement for sidewalk work at any one property shall not exceed $2,500.

Additional information regarding priority rating, reimbursement, and permit requirements can be found in the documents below. If you should have any questions, please contact the City Engineer/Public Works Department at (707)678-7030.

City of Dixon Sidewalk Repair Program (PDF)

Resolution 18-007 (PDF)

California Streets & Highway Code § 5610-5618 (PDF)

Street Repair Program

City staff often receives requests for street pothole repairs through the City. Public Works staff responds immediately to these requests and typically provides temporary repair until such time that a permanent repair can be completed. The City has completed many street rehabilitation projects using grant funds over the years, however there are fewer grant opportunities available and the streets continue to deteriorate. Subsequently, the frequency of pothole repair requests has increased. Therefore, the City has adopted a Street Repair Policy (PDF) to establish a process for prioritizing repair requests. The result of this Policy is a priority list that can be used to respond to street repair requests. The City also uses computerized software, known as a Pavement Management Program (PMP), to collect, analyze, and report the City’s pavement conditions. These condition values are used to develop projects for rehabilitation as funds become available. One example of a large street repair project is the 2013 Slurry Seal Project. This project was funded using development fees and Gas Tax.

Additional information regarding pothole and street repair can be found in the documents below. If you should have any questions, please contact the City Engineer/Public Works Department at (707)678-7030.

City of Dixon Street Repair Program (PDF)

Resolution 13-127 (PDF)

Below is a link to a photo gallery of sidewalk and street repairs:
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