Divisions of the Department

Fire Chief:
Chief Todd McNeal

The fire chief is responsible for the entire department. The chief sees that all aspects of operations, training, prevention, and education are collectively accomplished through an effective span of control and responsibility. The fire chief works closely with city leaders and other department leaders to ensure coordination within the city. They also ensure that the department remains current with its mission and goals and continues good relationships with the citizens of our community.

Div. Chief Dean Sarley 

The Operations Division is responsible for the coordination of day-to-day activities of the Fire Department. Operations maintain continuity in performance of activities. Firefighters are required to meet minimum training requirements mandated at both State and Federal levels. It is the responsibility of the training officer to develop department training standards and schedules that ensure all mandated requirements are met. All firefighters are trained at the State Certified Firefighter I Level. At the emergency medical service level, in 2007 there were 8 personnel trained and licensed at the Paramedic level (7 paid and 1 volunteer), and 17 department personnel trained and certified at the EMT level, including all paid staff.

Fire Prevention:
Div. Chief John Malone 

John Malone, Division Chief
Fire prevention is a major area of responsibility for the Fire Department. Historically, every major fire has underscored the need for good fire prevention. The Fire Chief is given the responsibility to establish and maintain fire and life safety throughout the community. This is accomplished by the development of comprehensive fire and life safety laws.

Fire code compliance is accomplished by:

  • Reviewing plans for new construction
  • Identifying potential hazards
  • Conducting fire inspections

The Fire Marshal coordinates or performs all business, commercial, and construction inspections. Fire safety standards recommend that all typical businesses be inspected once per year. There are approximately 420 businesses that require business inspections.

Administrative Manager, Andi Horigan 

Andi Horigan, Administrative Manager
Fire Administration consists of the Fire Chief, two Division Chiefs, and two clerical staff. The clerical staff provides administrative support to the Prevention and Operations Divisions, and manages the day to day operations of the front office.

Fire Administration practices management methods and procedures that result in efficient cost management and effective deployment of resources toward the fulfillment of the Department’s mission.

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