Fire Department FAQs

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Who do I call for a fire or medical emergency?

Always call 911 in the event of an emergency. Based on duties and existing calls, phone calls directly to the Dixon Fire Department may or may not be answered. Our 911 communication center has the means to effectively dispatch help to rapidly assist the person in need.

Where do I get a burn permit?

Burn permits can be obtained in person from the Dixon Fire Department at 205 Ford Way, Dixon, CA 95620. The cost is $25.00 payable by cash or check made out to the City of Dixon. Visit the Fire Department website to view information regarding residential burning.

Can I have a warming /cooking fire in my yard?

Warming and cooking fires are legal with the following conditions;

  1. They are in an approved container.
  2. The material being burned is “fire wood”. Not construction material (sawn wood, pallets), yard waste or garbage.
  3. The smoke generated is not “offensive” to neighbors(*)
  4. An extinguishing method (serviced portable fire extinguisher/garden hose) is readily accessible.
  5. The fire is being supervised/monitored by a “responsible” adult at all times.

Other precautions that should be considered are proximity to a structure, combustible furniture and vegetation, propane cylinders and any other ignitable item.

Consider notifying your neighbors of your intent to have a fire. This will help limit the reporting of a fire and the resulting response from the fire department.

*The fire department has the authority to extinguish any fire that, in their opinion, is offensive, not being supervised or is a threat to any exposure.

What are the ISO ratings for the City of Dixon and the surrounding district?

The ISO rating within the city limits is 5, and the rating within the district is 8B

How do I obtain a copy of a fire report?

Fire reports may be obtained at the fire department offices or by phone during normal business hours. Please note there may be up to a 10 day turn around time for fire reports.

What should I do if I see a chemical spill?

Stay clear of the spill and call 911 if it's an emergency situation.

Non-emergency situation, please call the Dixon Fire Department at 678-7060

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