Fee Schedule

This schedule sets forth charges which are assessed for certain services and activities performed by the Dixon Fire Department. It also provides for specific periods of time when Fire Department personnel and equipment are required by law or specifically requested by a private party to remain on duty in a standby status at a fixed location or locations away from the Dixon Fire Station. The term "law" is defined as any statute or regulation of the State of California, and any ordinance, resolution, or policy approved by Dixon City Council.

*Master Fee Schedule was adopted with Resolution 21-083. Current fees effective as of 07/01/2021*

Fire Code Construction Permit Fees

Construction permits allow the applicants to install or modify systems and equipment.

Fee covers inspection of condition or process and completion of permit form.

* References Section 105.7, Title 24, Part 9 of the California Code of Regulations (2010 California Fire Code) as adopted by reference in Section 16.02.020 of Chapter 16.02 of the Dixon Municipal Code.


Fire Construction Permits

Permit TypeCost
Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System - Fire Sprinkler System
1 - 49 heads$397
50 - 100 heads$628
101 - 200 heads$859
Each Additional 100 heads (>200 heads)$244
Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System - Kitchen hood systems 
1 - 25 nozzles$321
26 - 50 nozzles$494
51 - 100 nozzles$782
Over 100 nozzles$839
Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System - Other$577
Battery systems$231
Capacitor energy storage systemsTime and Materials
Compressed gases$231
Cryogenic fluids$231
Emergency responder radio coverage system$231
Fire alarm and detection systems and related equipment permit
<25 devices$321
25 - 50 devices$407
51 - 100 devices$494
101 - 250 devices$580
251 - 500 devices$666
501 - 750 devices$753
751 - 1000 devices$839
>1001 devices$825*
Fire pumps and related equipment$346
Flammable and combustible liquids$346
Fuel cell Power SystemsTime and Materials
Gas detection systems$116
Gates and barricades across fire apparatus access roads$116
Hazardous materials$461
High-piled combustible storageTime and Materials
Industrial ovens$231
Motor vehicle repair rooms and booths$289
Plant extraction systems$346
Private fire hydrantsTime and Materials
Underground water mains for commercial fire sprinklers (includes plan review, hydrostatic test and final inspection*)
1 - 25 hydrants$359
26 - 50 hydrants$647
51 - 100 hydrants$936
Over 100 hydrants$1,378
Smoke control or smoke exhaust systems$231
Solar photovoltaic power systems$173
Special event structure$173
Spraying and dipping$346
Standpipe systems$346
Temporary membrane structures, tents and canopies$173

Fire Code Operational Permit Fees

Operational permits allow applicants to conduct an operation or a business.

Fees to be paid at time of application for permit.

Fee covers inspection of condition or process and completion of permit form.

* References Section 105.6, Title 24, Part 9 of the California Code of Regulations (2010 California Fire Code) as adopted by reference in Section 16.02.020 of Chapter 16.02 of the Dixon Municipal Code.

Fire Operational Permits

Aerosol products$231
Amusement buildings$231
Aviation facilities$346
Carnivals and fairs$346
Cellulose nitrate film$231
Combustible dust-producing operations$231
Combustible fibers$231
Compressed gases$231
Covered and open mall buildings$346
Store Cryogenic materials Fluids$231
Cutting and welding $116
Operate a d Dry cleaning $116
Exhibits and trade shows$231
Store Explosives or blasting agents$231
Fire hydrants and valves$231
Flammable and combustible liquids$289
Mobile Fueling of hydrogen-fueled vehiclesTime and Materials
Floor finishing$231
Fruit and crop ripening$231
Fumigation and thermal insecticidal fogging$116
Hazardous materials$346
HPM facilities$461
High-piled storage$346
Hot work operations$231
Industrial ovens$231
Lumber yards and woodworking plants$346
Liquid- or gas-fueled vehicles or equipment in assembly buildings $346
Miscellaneous combustible storage$231
Mobile food preparation vehicles$116
Motor fuel-dispensing facilities$346
Open burning$116
Open flames and torches$116
Open flames and candles $116
Organic coatings$346
Outdoor assembly eventTime and Materials
Places of assembly$346
Plant extraction systems$346
Private fire hydrants$346
Pyrotechnic special effects material$346
Pyroxylin plasticsTime and Materials
Refrigeration equipment$346
Repair garages and motor fuel-dispensing facilities$231
Rooftop heliportsTime and Materials
Spraying or dipping$346
Storage of scrap tires and tire byproducts$231
Temporary membrane structures, tents and canopies$173
Tire-rebuilding plantsTime and Materials
Waste handlingTime and Materials
Wood products$231
Production facilities$231
Pyrotechnics and special effectsTime and Materials
Live audiencesTime and Materials
Special inspections and re-inspections - Hourly$128
Residential construction (Within Dixon Fire Protection District Only)$302
Commercial construction (Within Dixon Fire Protection District Only)$705

Fire Service Fees

(Fees based on actual usage and are calculated and paid after service is rendered)

All fees cover cost of use and depreciation of equipment, or personnel salaries, as appropriate. Fees are assessed for suppression of fires caused by negligence, by violation of law, or by extreme carelessness as provided by law, and for required standby services.

Fire Service Fees - Per Hour

Staff vehicle$16
Utility vehicle$6
Pumper (Engine)$122
Water Tender$161
Aerial Ladder$777
Specialized Apparatus$305
Manpower - on duty (Captain)$83
Manpower - on duty (Firefighter/Paramedic)$72
Manpower - off duty (computed by 1.5 times on-duty rate)Computed at 1.5 times on-duty rate
Manpower - other$52

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