Incident Command

Incident Command

Large scale incidents such as fires, complex vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, and technical rescue incidents require an incident commander to oversee and direct the operations at the incident. The Fire Chief and two Division Chiefs at the Dixon Fire Department work in a 7 day rotation to serve as an incident commander for any type incident as needed. The vehicles they bring to the incident are equipped with state of the art communications and planning equipment necessary to direct incidents varying in size and complexity.

Additionally the chief officers may serve in other areas of the county as part of an incident command team or division or group supervisor. They may also be utilized as a state resource to travel as needed within the state to serve on overhead command teams, strike team leaders for supporting engines, or other leadership roles within a campaign type incident.

The Chief's Mobile Office:

En route to an incident, the incident commander monitors multiple radio channels for updates both from dispatch and from resources either at or en route to the scene. The front console is equipped with two VHF radios, an 800mhz radio, and portable radios. Additionally the vehicle is equipped with GPS navigation and a digital video camera.


The vehicle is equipped with state of the art LED emergency lighting for safety and maximum visibility.

Dixon Fire Department Fire Chief Unit Battalion 81
The command board is a slide out feature which allows the incident commander to place maps, documents, and tracking materials in one place.  This is essential for directing resources at an incident.  Additionally aToughbook computer with cellular wireless access allows the commander to view resources, coordinate with dispatch, and reference maps and other necessary information.


Storage slide outs allow for extra equipment to be carried necessary to direct incidents.


The two radios visible are cloned from the front VHF radios allowing for simultaneous monitoring of multiple channels such as command and tactical nets.  The radios are programmed for communications not only within the local service area but for the entire state as well based on Firescope, State, and Federal radio plans.

If you have any questions about the capabilities of the incident command vehicles, please contact the Dixon Fire Department

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