City Attorney


City Attorney Douglas White works for the White Brenner LLP law firm. The city attorney is appointed by the City Council. The City Attorney provides legal services for the City Council, City officials and departments regarding City business. Mr. White is a founding and managing partner for White Brenner LLP law firm, and provides special counsel services to many cities.

Nubia Goldstein currently serves as the Deputy City Attorney for the City of Dixon.

Claims Against the City

In most instances you must file a formal, written claim with the city clerk not later than six months of the date of an incident or you will be barred from seeking money damages in court. You must file your claim using the city's claim form (PDF).

Claims against the city for bodily injury, property damage, and incidents involving possible city negligence are investigated by specialized insurance adjusters retained by the city. These adjusters document and collect evidence to determine the potential for legal liability and make recommendations to the city's risk manager.

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