City of Dixon Business Retention/Expansion Program

Gold Star Foods strives to be a Dixon employer of choice

City of Dixon Business Retention/Expansion Program

The City recognizes that thriving businesses are critical to the economic health of the community.  In addition to generating sales tax that supports municipal services, businesses provide employment opportunities for our residents; actively support many of the community's quality of life amenities including youth sports, area arts, culture and non-profits; and constitute a significant piece of the community's character.

Because of their importance to the community, the City of Dixon operates a Business Retention/Expansion program that aims to address both individual business needs and opportunities.  The City's Economic Development/Grants Manager schedules appointments with business owners and corporate executives to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Workforce recruitment and training
  • Identification of real estate options for expansion
  • Import/export resources
  • Capital resources
  • Provision of City services
  • Supply chain development
  • Referral to appropriate partner organizations

Contact the Economic Development/Grants Manager at 678-7000, ext. 1126 for assistance or to schedule a visit to your business.