Public Service Announcement: Electric Scooter Safety in Dixon

Attention Dixon Community:
In the past few weeks, we have experienced three accidents involving young people on electric scooters, some resulting in injuries. To help prevent further incidents and ensure everyone's safety, we urge all electric scooter riders and their families to familiarize themselves with California's electric scooter laws and safety guidelines.
Key Safety Guidelines:

 1. Age and Helmet Requirements:
    - Riders Must Be 16 or Older: Ensure that riders are at least 16 years old.
    - Helmet Use: Riders under 18 years old must wear a helmet at all times.
 2. Speed Limit:
    - 15 mph Maximum: Electric scooters should not exceed 15 miles per hour. Riding at higher speeds increases the risk of accidents and injuries.
 3. Road Usage:
    - Designated Areas: Ride scooters in bike lanes, paths, or trails. Avoid riding on sidewalks to prevent collisions with pedestrians.
    - Road Restrictions: Scooters are allowed on roads with speed limits of 25 mph or less unless there is a designated bike lane available.
 4. Parking:
    - Proper Parking: Park scooters in designated areas where they do not obstruct pedestrian pathways, driveways, curb ramps, fire hydrants, or bus stops.
 5. License Requirement:
    - Valid License Needed: Riders must possess a valid driver's license or learner's permit.
 6. Equipment:
    - Functional Brakes: Ensure your scooter has working brakes.
    - Lights and Reflectors: If riding at night, scooters must be equipped with front and rear lights and reflectors for visibility.
 7. Single Rider Only:
    - No Passengers: Electric scooters are designed for single riders only. Carrying passengers is not allowed and can lead to loss of control.

Community Responsibility:
Parents, please discuss these safety guidelines with your children to ensure they understand the importance of riding responsibly. Riders should always be alert, follow traffic rules, and respect the safety of others.
Be Proactive:
 - Report Hazards: If you see any hazards on the road or bike lanes, report them to the local authorities to prevent accidents.
 - Stay Informed: Stay updated on local regulations and safety tips.
By following these guidelines, we can help prevent accidents and injuries, ensuring a safer environment for everyone in our community. Let's work together to make Dixon a safe place for all electric scooter riders.
For more information, visit the Bay Area Bicycle Law website.

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