Dixon Residents Highly Rate City Services

According to a May 2021 community customer satisfaction and priorities survey conducted by independent research firm Probolsky Research, residents highly rate several essential core city services and agree that the City needs to ensure a clean, reliable water supply now and for future generations. 

Amid several positive findings, the community survey found 84% approve of the services provided by the Dixon Fire Department. “We are committed to maintaining critical services our residents value including firefighting, medical aid, emergency preparedness and rescue services that saves lives and property, especially as the threat of fire and drought continue to grow,” said Dixon Fire Division Chief John Malone. 

As severe drought conditions continue to persist, residents’ views on local water conditions and needs included interest in ensuring the City’s aging water system is maintained and upgraded properly to ensure adequate and reliable water for the long term. “We agree. The City maintains 45 miles of water main pipes, pumps, and storage. Our five groundwater wells are frequently tested to ensure our water is clean and safe. We also know we need to complete extensive upgrades to our aging, 40-year-old water pipes and wells to maintain the safety and reliability of the City’s water system,” said Public Works Director Louren Kotow.

“This community feedback is appreciated and invaluable, and I thank the community for its participation,” said City Manager Jim Lindley. “We have a long tradition of self-reliance, and as the State continues to hand down expensive and cumbersome regulations we need to ensure that local control of our own local services is not negatively affected.”  

The City will continue to gather community feedback over the coming months about priorities and views on the City of Dixon.

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