Statement from Dixon Police Department

The Dixon Police Department has become aware of postings on multiple social media platforms regarding various situations at local schools. Some of the incidents have been reported to the Dixon Police Department and investigated, others are being brought to our attention for the first time. Among the cases we are aware of, or had involvement in, the facts as shared online differ in many instances from what was presented to police. 

As a matter of transparency, there are many laws that prohibit the sharing of juvenile information with the public, both for victims and suspects. It is important to note that the absence of public information does not mean the absence of action. 

We have fully committed ourselves to a partnership with Dixon Unified School District to provide a safe and stable environment for our youth to learn and grow. 

We remain committed to the protection of our community and schools, and are asking for anyone with information they want to share regarding incidents that have occurred to contact Dixon Police Detective Sergeant Mick Geisser at 707-678-7070.  


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