Preventing Package Theft this Holiday Season

The Dixon Police Department is asking residents and visitors to remain aware of package thieves this holiday season and take preventative measures to reduce the chances of becoming a victim. We recommend that you keep an eye on package tracking, using friends or neighbors when unavailable, or selecting a staffed delivery location provided by the delivery company.

During the month of December, members of the Dixon Police Department will be conducting various operations throughout the City focused on package/mail theft, theft-related crimes, and other crimes of opportunity. We will use GPS tracking, bait packages, and plainclothes officers to prevent, deter, and apprehend persons engaged in this criminal activity.

Residents suffering a theft of delivered packages or other property are encouraged to report these incidents to the Dixon Police Department at 707-678-7070. Any resident concerned with package theft or suspicious activity in their neighborhood is encouraged to contact the Investigations Bureau at 707-678-7070. We are seeking locations for our bait packages. Concerns or suggestions can be forwarded via email at

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