Dixon Fire Department Welcomes New Fire Engine


The Dixon Fire Department recently put a new fire engine, Engine 81, into service. The 2023 Pierce Velocity fire engine was a joint purchase of the City of Dixon Fire Department and Dixon Fire Protection District. 

“Engine 81 is equipped with the latest technology and advanced safety features, it will enhance our ability to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently,” said Battalion Chief Randy Shafer, “We look forward to serving our community with this new addition to our fleet.”

Engine 81 is equipped with a Heedful Audio Alert System (HAAS) Alert Safety Cloud system which uses digital alerts to notify nearby drivers and other first responders of the engine’s presence as soon as lights and sirens are activated. 

Beginning with Engine 81, the Department is transitioning to a new engine color scheme. The Dixon Fire Department staff voted to select the color for future apparatus and Engine 81 introduces a new two-tone grey over red design. 

“We are confident that this investment will enable us to better serve our community and would like to thank the community, City Council and city management for bringing this new engine to Dixon,” said Shafer.


Established in 1871, the Dixon Fire Department provides fire protection for the City of Dixon and the Dixon Fire Protection District. The Department serves a combined population of nearly 25,000, covering an area of 320 square miles. Seven square miles of service area are within the city limits and 313 square miles are in the Dixon Fire Protection District through a protection contract. The Department provides fire protection, paramedic level emergency medical response, fire prevention services, public fire safety education, fire investigations, and emergency management. 

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