City of Dixon Announces Start of New School Year: Urges Caution and Safety Awareness

With the commencement of the new school year in Dixon, residents are reminded to anticipate increased traffic, especially in school zones, and to exercise heightened caution for the safety of our children.

As students eagerly return to the classroom, many will be walking, biking, or riding buses to school. This influx of youthful commuters necessitates that drivers pay particular attention to crosswalks, school bus stops, and bike lanes. The City implores everyone to slow down, obey traffic laws, and remain vigilant to the possibility of children crossing the street or biking in traffic.

The Dixon Police Department will be allocating extra resources to monitor traffic laws and flow around school areas. This increased presence ensures that traffic rules are enforced, and that the safety of our children remains paramount. Speeding, illegal passing, and other reckless behaviors will not be tolerated, particularly in school zones.

Remember, a small delay in your commute is a small price to pay for the safety of our children. Please plan for possible delays, be patient, and keep an eye out for young pedestrians and cyclists.

The City of Dixon is committed to ensuring the well-being of all its residents, particularly as the community comes together to embrace the new academic year. Thank you for contributing to a safe and successful start to the school year. 

For more information about traffic regulations and school safety, please contact Madeline Graf at (707) 678-7000 x 1125.

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