GANN Appropriations Limit

About the GANN Appropriations Limit

Article XIlIB of the California Constitution was a ballot initiative adopted in 1980 and modified by Proposition 111 that passed in 1990 to limit the amount of tax proceeds state and local governments can spend each year. The limit is different for each agency and the limit changes each year. Each year’s limit is based on the amount of tax proceeds authorized to be spent in fiscal 1978-1979 in each agency modified for changes in inflation and population in each subsequent year. The formula used in calculating the growth rate is:

  • Percent (%) change in population +100/100 times either percent (%) change in per capital income +100/ 100 or change in non-residential assessments +100/100

The calculated rate times the previous appropriation limit equals the new appropriation limit. The California Department of Finance is mandated to notify each city of the population changes and the per capita personal income factor to be used in calculating the growth rate.

The City of Dixon’s limit was calculated as follows:

Current Budget Year Gann Limit (PDF)

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