The payroll function is processed on a bi-weekly basis for all employees. There are currently 107 full time equivalent (FTE) employees in the current budget. The number of part time hourly employees varies by the season, the summer season having more part time employees to fulfill all the recreation and swim programs offered by the City.

The payroll functions also include:

  • Maintains employee records, employee insurance, and related accounts
  • Ensures compliance with tax laws, labor contracts, and other governing documents
  • Prepares statistical and governmental reports as related to the City payroll
  • Maintains leave and furlough reports
  • Answers payroll questions
  • Filing of quarterly taxes
  • Processing of annual W-2s
  • Reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Employment Development Department (EDD)
  • Reports on wages and or statistics of City staff as required by law and/or statute to the Department of Labor

Frequently requested employee payroll forms:

For forms and information not listed, please contact the payroll section in Finance.

General Information
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600 East A St.

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