STAR Awards

STAR Award Program

"The success of City government in providing services to meet the needs of the City of Dixon and its citizens is largely dependent on the efforts of the City employees. It is important for the City to involve members of the public, employees, volunteers, contract employees, appointed and elected officials in continuous improvement of City services by recognizing excellent work," said City Manager Jim Lindley.

List of Recipients

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Award nominees may qualify in one or more of the following areas:

  • Customer Service—employee demonstrates a high level of service to the public by displaying tact and diplomacy in dealing with difficult situations or taking the extra step to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Safety—employee demonstrates a high and consistent level of safety awareness and practice.
  • Teamwork—employee works responsively with other employees, volunteers, appointed or elected officials, or members of the community; looks for solutions to problems that help other City employees do their jobs more efficiently; shares information, ideas and resources with fellow employees.
  • Cost Savings to the City—employee explores alternative solutions to problems and comes up with answers that work and looks at existing processes and devises ways to make them better, which results in cost savings to the City.

Nomination Process

Any member of the public, City employee, volunteer, contract employee, appointed or elected official can make a nomination. Restrictions are that: 1) An employee cannot nominate themselves, and 2) a winner will not be eligible for a second nomination until one calendar year has elapsed.

How do I make a nomination? Complete the STAR Award Nomination Form and provide detailed, factual information about what makes the nominee outstanding along with an explanation of how the nominee meets the ideal(s) identified in the selection criteria.

Selection Process

The City Manager will decide whether an employee receives the STAR Award. The number of STAR award winners will be based on the number of nominations received and City budget availability.

Over a calendar year period, all STAR award recipients will be considered for the Employee of the Year Award. A committee comprised of three Departments Heads will make a decision during January for the prior calendar year as to the Employee of the Year.

Employee of the Year Awards will be presented at a regular meeting of the City Council by the Mayor, City Manager or Department Head.


The City Manager will immediately present each STAR award winner with a $75 gift card. The annual Employee of the Year will receive a cash award of $150. Gift card awards are considered taxable income.

All Employee of the Year award winners will have their names engraved on a plaque that will be prominently displayed in City Hall.

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