Dixon Readi-Ride

Anyone can use the Dixon Readi-Ride system provided that the ride is within Dixon's city limits. Children ages 4 years old and younger must be accompanied by a responsible fare-paying person. All Readi-Ride vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

Fare Prices

The following prices are as of January 1, 2019:

  • Adults - $2.75
  • Children (under 5) - $1.25
  • Senior (62)/ Disabled - $2.25; Day pass $4.50
  • Youth (ages 5-17) - $2.25

To qualify for the senior / disabled discount, just show the driver your Medicare identification card, Division of Motor Vehicles Disability ID card, or Regional Connection Discount Card. We appreciate exact fare. We do not accept any bill larger than $5.

Intercity paratransit service is available for medical appointments to Vacaville and Davis. Fare is $7.50. Call 678-5020 for more information.

Ride Coupons

Ride coupon books, good for 20 rides, are also available at City Hall or from the bus driver. The cost per book is as follows:

  • Adult - $50.00
  • Senior / Disabled - $40.00
  • Youth - $40.00
General Information
285 E. Chestnut Street