Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Program

Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

Cross-Connection Control: 
On March 16th, 2021 the Dixon City Council issued an ordinance (14.02.1550 Cross-Connection Control and Prevention of Backflow Standards) to protect the public water system at the service connection against any actual or potential cross-connection between the public water system and any source or system containing any substance that is not, or cannot be, approved as safe, wholesome and potable for human consumption. The program outlines City and Customer responsibilities for protection of the public water system, criteria to determine when backflow protection is required, specific requirements for backflow prevention assemblies, and complying with federal, State and local laws and policies.

Click here to view the Cross-Connection Control and Prevention of Backflow Program

Click here to view the resolution: 21-061

Annual backflow testing: 
The City performs annual field testing all backflow assemblies to verify proper design and function. These tests are completed pursuant to the requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations, Title 17-7605 Backflow prevention devices that have not passed the annual field test are required to be repaired or replaced, and retested pursuant to California Codes and Regulations and the City of Dixon Municipal Code (DMC Chapter 14.02)

As the owner/manager you are responsible for the repair or replacement of failed devices. Upon completion of a repair or replacement of a device, a certified tester shall complete the Field Test and Maintenance Report form attached to this notice, showing the assembly is operating satisfactorily. The original form shall then be submitted to the City of Dixon, Attn: Water Operations Division, 600 East A Street, Dixon, CA 95620 no later than 30-days from the date of the failed notice. Keep a copy of the form for you records.

  • The City of Dixon complies a list of certified backflow testers annually as a resource for its customers. The 2023 list of testers is available here
  • If you would like to be included on this list, or future lists, click here for instructions. 
  • For backflow assembly repair, test or retest, please fill out the BFP Test/Repair Form.  

Construction Meter:

If you require the use of water for construction, dust suppression, or related activity; you will need to complete the Hydrant meter request form. 

Hydrant Meter fees include:

  • Deposit: $1800.00
  • Application fee: $100.00
  • Meter and Backflow monthly rental fee: $100.00 
  • Usage rater per CCF (100 cubic feet) : $1.40
  • Backflow test and relocation fee: $75.00 per retest/relocation