The City of Dixon owns and operates the sewer collection system and sewer treatment facility (also known as Wastewater Treatment Facility- WWTF) as a municipal.  The City’s enterprise manages the sewer collections system from the connection of the sewer later at the sewer main (e.g. wye) to the WWTF located south of town.  All laterals are responsivity of the property owner to maintain.  The Engineering/Utilities Department does not manage or keep records of the sewer laterals.  

Sewer Backups & Overflow

The City of Dixon maintains the sewer mains only. The service lateral to the main is the property owner’s maintenance responsibility.

Salt / Sodium Reduction Information

Sewer Rates / User Fee Information

Discharge Limits / Restrictions

Wastewater Discharge Permit

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

Sewer Collections System Master Plan (SCSMP)