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To contact the building division for permit application or general questions, please email or (707) 678-7000 x 1789

To request an inspection, you can call and leave a message on the 24 hour inspection line (707) 678-7005. More detailed information about inspections can be found in the building inspection information link below.

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New Chief Building Official for City of Dixon

On October 5, 2022, Larry Paisley joined the City of Dixon as it's new Chief Building Official. Larry was selected after a competitive recruitment process and comes to the City with over 8 years of experience in the building field, mostly with the City of Davis. Dixon has not had a Chief Building Official for over 7 years, so Larry will be taking on this new position to help reshape and structure the building department operations and help Dixon move us forward as the city grows.

Yolo-Solano Air Quality District Incentive Program for Upgrades to Wood Stoves/Fire Places 

The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District offers an incentive program to residents that live within the District to replace their old, non-EPA certified wood stove, fireplace insert, or open-hearth fireplace with a newer, cleaner-burning device, such as an EPA-certified wood stove/insert or a natural gas, propane, or electric heating device. The goal of the program is to reduce fine particle pollution found in wood smoke. Wood smoke is not only bad for the environment but can also affect your health. It is made up of a complex mixture of gases, like carbon dioxide, methane and air toxics, and fine, microscopic particles, called PM2.5. PM2.5 is so small, it can easily bypass the human body’s natural defenses, causing short-term health effects, like coughing and sneezing, and worsening existing conditions, such as asthma and heart disease.

To participate, applicants must:

* Live within the Sacramento Federal PM2.5 Nonattainment Area (NAA) and the District boundary.
* Voucher incentive available (non-low income) up to $1000.
* If applying for a low-income ($3500) voucher, you must provide proof of income (see Voucher Program Information).
* Not remove existing appliance (woodstove/fireplace) or purchase a new device prior to Voucher approval.

Residents can learn more about the program and apply by visiting the District website at

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