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Assessment Apportionment Application 

Encroachment Permit. Submit the application and necessary documents to

Moratorium Streets – Excavations in newly paved or re-surfaced streets are at the discretion of the City Engineer as outlined in City Ordinance 20-014O. An approved street cut moratorium waiver is required prior to issuance of an encroachment permit.

Grading Permit. Submit the application and necessary documents to

Parcel Map Submittal Checklist. Submit necessary documents to

Transportation Permits

This Transportation Permit Program is established under Section 12.06.070 of Chapter 12.06 of Title 12 of the Dixon Municipal Code. The City of Dixon requires that a transportation permit be obtained from the Engineering Department, under this Transportation Permit Program when transporting a load/vehicle or manufactured home that exceeds state height, width, weight, and/or length limits (or extralegal loads) within the city. The limits are 14 feet in height, 8 feet 5 inches in width (excluding certain exceptions), 40 feet in length for single vehicles, 65 feet in length for vehicle combinations (excluding certain exceptions), and a gross weight of 80,000 pounds.

A certificate of insurance, including endorsement, with a minimum $1 million general liability policy and $1 million automobile liability coverage naming the City of Dixon as an additional insured on the policy must be on file with the Engineering Department before the permit can be issued. (Additional titles such as Public Works or Engineering departments, individual names, etc., shall not be included in the name of the policy.) A typical insurance review period can range from five to seven business days. Please allow sufficient time to process the permit application, certificate of insurance, and endorsement. Refer to the Transportation Permit Types and Requirements for additional insurance requirements.

This Transportation Permit Program is consistent with the California Vehicle Code and any permittee subject to the program shall comply. Except as provided herein, the standards and requirements of the Transportation Permits Manual of the California Department of Transportation shall apply.

Transportation Permit Conditions 


AB 1600 (Development Impact Fees)

Engineering Fee Schedule

Note: Fees must be received prior to approval of any permit including transportation permits. The department accepts checks by mail or in person. Exact cash or credit card payments are only accepted in person at this time.

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Visiting the Engineering Department is by Appointment Only. Please call or send an email to request a time to meet or speak with an Engineer or to schedule a payment in person. 

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