Forms, Fees, and Permits


Building Permit Fees *

Annual updates to the Master Fee Schedule were adopted by the City Council (Resolution No 23-082) on April 18, 2023, and will become effective on July 1, 2023. Fee schedules below show both the current fee (thru June 30, 2023) and the new fee (effective 7/1/23). Fees are applied based on the application date of the permit. Please refer the the applicable column based on effective date. 

Building Misc, Electrical, Plumbing Mechanical Permit Fees 

Residential Fee Table (Single Family/Duplex/Additional Dwelling unit)

Building Permit Fee Type Square Footage Methodology - All others, based on occupancy type

The City recently updated the Building Permit, Fire Permit and Technology fee on November 7, 2023 (City Council Resolution No 23-214). The Building Permit fee update was approved, but implementation of the fees were deferred to coincide with the launch of the new permit tracking software (anticipated to be mid September 2024). See for more information, under the "news" heading

City of Dixon Impact Fees *

Current Development Impact (AB 1600) Fees including Exhibit A, Dixon Storm Drainage Basin Fee Areas Map (PDF). These fees were adopted as part of the annual update approved by the City Council (Resolution No. 23-002), on January 3, 2023. They become effective as of March 6, 2023. An update to the AB1600 fees was approved on January 16, 2024 (City Council Resolution No 24-012) and will become effective March 16, 2024  Projects that have already summited a complete permit application, would be subject to the AB 1600 fees in place at the time of their application. See fee schedules below. The Fiscal Year 2022-23 Development Impact Fee Annual Report is available here.

Upcoming AB1600 fee Schedule 

AB1600 Fees, effective 3/16/24

Current AB1600 Fee Schedule 

AB1600 Fees, effective 3/6/23

Prior AB 1600 Fee Schedule

AB1600 Fees, effective 8/20/22

Solano County Impact Fees *

Solano County Facilities Fee (PDF)
* Please note, there is a $5,000 limit on all credit card transactions. Any building permit/impact fee total that exceeds $5,000 must be paid by check or cash.  

Building Application Forms 

Dixon Building Permit Application (PDF) 
Dixon Building Permit Application (Fillable PDF)
Building Permit Revision Form
Building Permit Extension Request

Building Division Forms

Accessibility Complaint Form (PDF)

Accessibility Worksheet  

Air District Questionnaire (PDF)

Building Inspection Information  

Construction and Demolition Packet (PDF) 

Dixon School District Impact Fee Form

Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Checklist 

Owner-Builder Form/Alarms and Water Saving Fixtures (PDF)

Residential Service Load Worksheet 

Special Inspection Agreement Dixon

Submittal Checklist - Non Residential Plan Review (PDF) **Coming Soon

Submittal Checklist - Residential Plan Review (PDF) 

Swimming Pool Declaration Form (PDF)

Water Meter Purchase Schedule for City of Dixon water only (updated 3/1/22 by City Council Resolution 22-039) 

Water Meter Requisition Form (for City of Dixon Water only)


Digital Billboard Use Policy (PDF)

Residential Housing Allotment Application - Measure B (PDF)

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