General Plan

City of Dixon General Plan

General Plan 

General Plan 2040 (adopted May 18, 2021, with amendments)

General Plan Amendments since adoption of General Plan 2040 in May 2021

1993 General Plan 

Effective through May 18, 2021, at which time General Plan 2040 adopted

Housing Element

Annual Progress Report (APR)

2023 Draft APR for presentation to City Council (3/19/24) and Planning Commission (3/12/24)

Housing Element (2023-2031) 6th Cycle 

Adopted on 3/21/23/Certified by HCD on 5/24/23 

Housing Element (2015-2023) - 5th Cycle

Housing Element (2009-2014) - 4th Cycle

Municipal Service Review 

City of Dixon Municipal Service Review by LAFCO (2014)

General Information
Community Development Director
Raffi Boloyan
Chief Building Official
Larry Paisley
Associate Planner
Scott Greeley
Building Inspector
Joel Engrahm
Contract Permit Technician
Terra Hudson
600 East A St.

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm