Disaster Preparedness


Disasters can strike anywhere at any time. They can be small or large, and while technology has given us the ability to be warned about some disasters, there are still many times that a disaster will occur without warning.

Understanding disasters, and what to do if we are impacted by one, is essential for all of our safety.

View disaster resources for information on what to do during certain disasters.

During a disaster, the Fire Department will be very busy protecting lives, property, the environment, and mitigating the disaster to the best of our abilities. What we, in turn, ask of you the public is that you follow the instructions provided to you and do your part in keeping yourself and family safe.

Warning Outlets / Systems

The City of Dixon is close to several local media markets. The media is a good source of information, via television and radio, on what the disaster is and what you need to do. We will often be in contact with the media, providing important information to relay to the public.

The city also benefits from what is commonly known as the reverse 9-1-1 system. In the event of a disaster, the Solano County Dispatch Center has the ability to activate the system at any time to relay important instructions. No matter what the disaster, it is essential that you follow the instructions given to remain safe and to allow us to more efficiently do what is required of us. Sign up for alerts here.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Dixon Fire Department at (707) 678-7060.

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